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A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life of David Randall is featured on Dru’s Book Musing.


Two New Books for 2017

A couple of new books are coming this spring. Baby, Take a Bow, is the fifth in the Grace Street series. When Camden’s friend Rufus’s ex-wife Bobbi is murdered and her baby is missing, David Randall has to juggle several different mysteries to solve the case. Camden also encounters a restless spirit trapped within a mirror, and another ghost haunting the hot dog restaurant.


The Monsters of Spiders’ Rest is the third in the Three Worlds series of fantasy novels. Flickfoot, an intelligent spider, and his spider friends Plinks and Jellyroll are alarmed when their creator’s grandson, Tylin, shows up to take over their house. But there are much more dangerous monsters in the forests, monsters who plan to invade the neighboring town of Specter. Can Flickfoot convince Ty of the danger? Can he even convince him that the spiders are his friends?


New Review

I try not to pay too much attention to my reviews, good or bad, but this time, I’m making an exception. Evil Turns, the latest Madeline Maclin Mystery, will be published this May, but already has a good review from Kirkus. Kirkus is a book review magazine that’s been around since the 1930s, and it’s not always easy to get a review, especially a favorable one. As a former librarian, I often used Kirkus to determine if a book was suitable for my library, so when I received word about the review, I had a little Twilight Zone moment. And I have to admit with another Madeline book and several more Grace Street mysteries in the works, it’s nice to have validation. 15PP009-Evil-Turns-Cover

Update on Online Release Party

Tomorrow at 3 PM, please join me at Bitten By Books for an online release party/chat session/and Q&A!

Here’s a link where you can RSVP.

I’ve also posted this on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, please reTweet the link!

The link to the actual event will be available tomorrow.

Instead of a $25 Amazon gift card, you can win a $50 Amazon gift card.

If you RSVP, you get 25 additional chances on this gift card!


The Wait is Over!

Today is the official release date for Just You Wait, my eighth published mystery novel and the fourth in the Grace Street Series, all from Poisoned Pen Press,

Besides the usual book signings and author events, I’ll be taking part in my first online chat February 10 at 3 PM Eastern on I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I’m excited to try!

A $25 gift card from Amazon will be awarded and a copy of the book. Please stop by on February 10 and find out if I can indeed find my way through the vast inter-web to answer your questions!


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Just You Wait


It’s always a happy occasion when a book is accepted for publication, but this one is especially exciting. Several years ago, the first Grace Street Mystery, Stolen Hearts, was published by Poisoned Pen Press, followed by Mixed Signals and Now You See It. The fourth book was called Cover Up, and I wasn’t sure it would see the light of day. It was finished and ready to go, but there are many factors involved in the publishing world, many of which are beyond a writer’s control. Reviews, sales, mergers, recessions. But then, I received the email that all authors love to receive. My editor wrote, “So Cover Up is the next one you want published, right?”
You bet!
There are 13 books in the Grace Street Series. All of them have been written and are in various stages of readiness. I really hope they can all be published, but you never know. However, for now, I am celebrating the publication of Cover Up, now titled Just You Wait, which is a much better title, thanks to my editor. February 3, 2015 is the publication date. Then it’s on to the next one!

A House and a Home

There’s always a house. 

It might be grandmother’s house, surrounded by flowers and oak trees, filled with the good smells of chicken pie and vanilla pound cake.  Or it might be your first home, that little fixer-upper in need of modern plumbing and a paint job.  It might be the house where you learned to play the piano, a mysteriously dark house crammed with stacks of old magazines, or the one house in the neighborhood that always looks haunted, its lawn overgrown with weeds, its windows broken, and a dead car in the front yard. Or the house on the corner, the beautiful neglected Victorian mansion you wish you could afford to buy and restore. But somewhere in your memory and in your dreams, there’s always a house.

In my Grace Street Mystery series, 302 Grace Street becomes the home that everyone has always wanted.  It’s a big, rambling three story house that always needs repair, and yet it retains the comfort of an old pair of bedroom slippers.  Everything fits from the open living room with its island of comfortable mismatched sofas and chairs to the big kitchen overlooking a back yard filled with ancient oak trees.

302 Grace means something different to each person living there. The house belongs to Camden, a young man struggling with his psychic abilities. To Cam, who was abandoned as a child, the house represents safety and security, and he is happy to take care of it.  

His friend David Randall, a private investigator, finds a haven at 302 Grace after his family falls apart. Randall feels responsible for the car crash that killed his little daughter, and he feels her presence in the house, a presence he finds difficult to accept.  But for now, the house is not only his home but a place where he can have an agency of his own.

Also in the house is Kary Ingram, a lovely young woman who found shelter after her rigidly religious parents disowned her for becoming pregnant.  Now unable to have children, Kary is reorganizing her life to be able to adopt, and Randall, who can’t bear the thought of being a father again, realizes in order to win Kary’s love, he has to work through his sorrow to give her the one thing that will make her life complete.

The porch, where all the events of the world are settled, has rocking chairs and of course a porch swing, Cam’s favorite place.  It’s here that the characters will tell stories, solve mysteries, and discover that they are a family.  And nothing says Southern family more than a front porch.

Throughout the series, 302 Grace Street is the constant that keeps everything and everyone together.  It is the home you’ve always wanted filled with people who love you and who will always take you in.  It is the home that solves the biggest mystery of all: who am I and where do I belong?