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Just You Wait


It’s always a happy occasion when a book is accepted for publication, but this one is especially exciting. Several years ago, the first Grace Street Mystery, Stolen Hearts, was published by Poisoned Pen Press, followed by Mixed Signals and Now You See It. The fourth book was called Cover Up, and I wasn’t sure it would see the light of day. It was finished and ready to go, but there are many factors involved in the publishing world, many of which are beyond a writer’s control. Reviews, sales, mergers, recessions. But then, I received the email that all authors love to receive. My editor wrote, “So Cover Up is the next one you want published, right?”
You bet!
There are 13 books in the Grace Street Series. All of them have been written and are in various stages of readiness. I really hope they can all be published, but you never know. However, for now, I am celebrating the publication of Cover Up, now titled Just You Wait, which is a much better title, thanks to my editor. February 3, 2015 is the publication date. Then it’s on to the next one!


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