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The Next Big Thing

Being an author in today’s tech-heavy world is a challenge to those of us who grew up in the Fifties before personal computers, cell phones, and the Internet. I’ve managed to figure out Facebook and Twitter and how to post to this blog. I’ve learned how to manage my own website, Amazon Author Central Page, and Goodreads. And then I decided to have a book trailer because it is The Next Big Thing.
Like movie trailers, book trailers hit the high points of the story and leave the viewer wanting more. My latest Grace Street mystery, Now You See It, was coming out in the fall, and the series needed a boost, so it was time to give the trailer a try. I went with Book Candy Studios because I’d seen their work and thought it looked great. So in early June last year, I contacted them and had a very nice informative phone call with the owner. I also got in on a sale, which is always good. I emailed copies of my book cover, synopsis of the story, and addresses I wanted on the trailer. Then I sat back and waited to see how the studio would interpret what is basically 30 years of my life.
Well, I was amazed. Now You See It, featuring PI David Randall, is about a missing box that may have belonged to Houdini and a magician found dead in a trunk at the Magic Club. The video captured the look and feel of the book, opening with a beautiful shot of doves being released from a magician’s hands. There was only one image that needed to be changed. My detective doesn’t carry a gun or sneak around with a flashlight a la Nancy Drew. After changing that image to something that looked more like Randall, the video was ready and off it went out into cyberworld.
Lately, I’ve been creating my own book trailers using While not as slick as the professional video, these trailers are a lot of fun to make and add color and interest to my website and to this blog. I even have my own YouTube Channel. Who would’ve thought all those years ago when there were only three TV channels that someday people could have their own!
It’s exciting to see how technology has progressed over the years and hard to imagine what’s next. But as writers, we have to be up to the challenge and find ways to engage our readers, no matter where they are: on the sofa, on the phone, or on line.


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  1. We are living through the largest shift in human history, there has never been a better time to be a creative: our ideas can spread across the world in a matter of hours, if they are good enough. It’s a noisy social world.


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